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WEEK #1 - 11/26/2001

Dino Lehares answered the question:

In which season did the Kahoks score over 100 points
in three separate games?

Answer: 1977-78

WEEK #2 - 12/3/2001

Al Hartwig answered the question:

Who was the Kahok's first All-American basketball player?

Answer: Terry Bethel

WEEK #3 - 12/10/2001

Al Hartwig answered the question:

In which season did the Kahoks win three games in overtime?

Answer: 1952-53

WEEK #4 - 12/17/2001

Ron Ballard answered the question:

Which Kahok player scored the most freethrows in a single game?

Answer: Marc Fletcher
On 11/24/1973 vs. Thornton North - 21 freethrows scored

WEEK #5 - 12/30/2001

Michael Fletcher answered the question:

What was the Kahok defense used in the 60s & 70s called?

Answer: Ball Press

WEEK #6 - 1/7/2002

Richard Jones answered the question:

As a follow up to our question #3, Coach Fletcher noted that there was another season with three games that ended in overtime. Although, during this season Collinsville won two of the overtime games and lost the third game.

Name that school year.

Answer: 1955-56

WEEK #7 - 1/14/2002

Richard Jones answered the question:

What year did the Kahoks first advance to the State Tournament?

Answer: 1920-21

WEEK #8 - 1/21/2002

Eugene Beals answered the question:

Which season saw All-American Bogie Redmon sidelined for nine games with a broken leg?

Answer: 1960-61

WEEK #9 - 1/28/2002

Richard Vojas answered the question:

In what school year was the nickname "Kahoks" coined?

Answer: the 1926-27 school year

WEEK #10 - 2/4/2002

Mark Kuechle answered the question:

What is the only team to beat the Kahoks four times in one season?

Answer: the Granite City Warriors during the 1985-86 season.

WEEK #11 - 2/11/2002

Vicki Ham answered the question:

Statistically, which current conference opponent does Collinsville least like to face on the road?

Answer: Collinsville has just a .333 winning percentage against the Panthers when playing at O'Fallon.

WEEK #12 - 2/18/2002

Jill Jones answered the question:

What school year did the Kahoks lose the final game in the Regional Tournament and still advance to the State Tournament?

Answer: 1940-41

WEEK #13 - 2/25/2002

Conner Weinacht answered the question:

Bliss Dee was the first Kahok coach, but who was the first assistant coach?

Answer: Lawson Fletcher in 1928-29.

WEEK #14 - 3/4/2002

Allen Smith answered the question:

Not counting Tony Gaizat (who played six years under five different coaches), which player played for four different coaches in four years? He was a member of three teams that played in the State Tournament.

Answer: Don Ungerott. Don played for coaches Jim Placek (1943-44), D.K. Darling (1944-45), Jack Fabri (1945-46), and Vergil Fletcher (1946-47). He was the captain of the '47 team.

WEEK #15 - 3/11/2002

Shelly Jones answered the question:

One of our advertisers was an All-American player for the Kahoks. Name him, the year he graduated, and the total number of points he scored in his career.

Answer: Bogie Redmon, who graduated in 1961. He scored a total of 1714 career points in 98 games for 17.5 average points-per-game.

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