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WEEK #1 - 12/2/2002

Chris Kettler answered the question:

What was the unique feature about the first high school gymnasium?

Answer: Three support posts in play held up the floor above.

WEEK #2 - 12/9/2002

Richard Jones was the first to complete the All-Stater Unscramble:

1. CRMA TLHREFCE = Marc Fletcher

2. DIEDI SERVE = Eddie Evers

3. LINVEM CERHRIT = Melvin Richter

4. RAMONN THCSULAA = Norman Schaulat

5. GODRER HIBONHESNLET = Rodger Bohnenstiehl

WEEK #3 - 12/16/2002

Tim McChristian answered the question:

Prior to the current season, what was the last team to open a season with six straight losses?

Answer: 1970-71

The 1970-71 Kahoks went 3-17 during the last season in the old high school gym on Vandalia. That year the Kahoks dropped the first twelve games to hold the record for the worst start of any season in Kahok history.

WEEK #4 - 12/23/2002

Mike Matikitis answered the question:

What was the highest score made by a Kahok team in a single game?

Answer: 120

The 1977-78 Kahoks beat Lewistown 120-38 on November 26, 1977.

WEEK #5 - 12/30/2002

Vicki Ham answered the question:

Which Collinsville coach has the highest winning percentage?

Answer: William Graham

Graham compiled a winning percentage of .913 during his only season as coach in 1913-14.

WEEK #6 - 1/6/2003

Tyson Keene answered the question:

Two names tie for having the most Kahok players with the same last name. Name one of them...

Answer: Parker or Richter, with 7 Kahoks each

Parker: Bert, Harry, Kent, Marc, Matt, Tom, & Thurman

Richter: Alvin, Bob, Lester, Mark, Melvin, Milton, & Walter

WEEK #7 - 1/13/2003

Billy Johnson answered the question:

Where in Collinsville was the old Temperance Hall located?

Answer: Across the street from the current City Hall and at the rear of what is now occupied by the Post Office.

Temperance Hall was the site of the first home game vs. Granite City on December 7, 1907.

WEEK #8 - 1/20/2003

Sam McChristian answered the question:

Since 1907-08 Collinsville has had a team every year except one season. Name the school year that Collinsville did not have a team and one of the reasons why.

Answer: 1918-19

Collinsville did not have a basketball team for the following reasons:
  • The lack of finances for transportation and equipment.
  • The lack of a capable coach because of World War I.
  • A serious influenza epidemic that created a large enrollment problem during the winter months.

WEEK #9 - 1/27/2003

Jeff Barnes answered the question:

A Collinsville team played four overtimes to win a single game. What was the year and who was the opponent?

Answer: 1975-76 vs Belleville East

WEEK #10 - 2/3/2003

Eugene Beals answered the question:

What was the first Collinsville team to advance to the State Tournament?

Answer: 1920-21

That year the Kahoks beat Fairbury 21-15 and Flora 19-17 before losing to Batavia 9-24.

WEEK #11 - 2/10/2003

Robert Holmes answered the question:

Four Collinsville teams have won their final game at the State Tournament in Champaign. 1960-61, 1964-65, and 1936-37 were three... what was the fourth team?

Answer: 1977-78

The Kahoks won their final game of the season beating Rockford East 96-65 to take Third Place at the State Tournament on March 18, 1978.

WEEK #12 - 2/17/2003

Richard Jones answered the question:

Which Kahok player holds the record of 50 points scored in a single game?

Answer: Tom Parker

Tom scored 50 points vs. Alton 12/30/1967.

WEEK #13 - 2/24/2003

Justin Camillo answered the question:

Which school have the Kahoks played most often in their final regular-season game?

Answer: Quincy

Collinsville has faced Quincy 19 times in their final regular-season game.

WEEK #14 - 3/3/2003

Mark Kuechle answered the question:

Which was the first Kahok team to have sole ownership of last place in the conference?

Answer: 1996-97

Collinsville tied for the conference basement in 1970-71 and 1971-72, but the first time the Kahoks held last place outright was in 1996-97 with a conference record of 3-11. The only other Kahok last place finish was this season, 2002-03.

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