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WEEK #1 - 11/28/2005

James Evans answered the question:

Which of the following Kahok head coaches won their first game by the largest margin?

Answer: Gene Catalpa began his head coaching career with a 24 point spread in the victory over Hillsboro (70-46) to start the 1978-79 season. The winning margins of the other coches are: Kusnerick, 18; Fletcher, 8; Bone, 4; and Darling, 4.

WEEK #2 - 12/5/2005

Christian Roderick answered the question:

Who was the last Kahok coach to loose their first game?

Answer: Jack Fabri's Kahoks lost the first game of the 1945-46 season to Sparta 45-26.

WEEK #3 - 12/12/2005

Greg Davisson answered the question:

In which four consecutive years did Collinsville have four different coaches?

Answer: 1943-44, 1944-45, 1945-46, 1946-47.

Those four coaches are: James Placek, D. K. Darling, Jack Fabri, and Vergil Fletcher.

WEEK #4 - 12/19/2005

Chris Louth answered the question:

Three of Collinsville's Coaches have been installed in the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.  Of the four listed, which coach is not in the hall of fame?

Answer: Allen Metternich.

Vergil Fletcher was selected as a charter member in 1973, W. O. Larson was selected in 1983, and Jack Fabri was selected in 1985.  See all of Collinsville's Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame inductees in the HONORS section.

WEEK #5 - 12/26/2005

Zack Roderick answered the question:

What do the coaches D. K. Darling, William Graham, Sam Martin, and R. C. Sayre have in common?

Answer: These four only coached one year each.

WEEK #6 - 1/2/2006

Dakota Barker answered the question:

The Schnucks Holiday Classic was started 22 years ago. Name the team that defeated Collinsville in the championship game.

Answer: Decatur MacArthur beat the Kahoks 57-51 in the 1984 Classic.

WEEK #7 - 1/9/2006

Josh Baquet answered the question:

Name the last two teams that were admitted to the Southwestern Conference that are still members of the conference.

Answer: Edwardsville and O'Fallon. Edwardsville was reinstated in 1996-97 and O'Fallon was reinstated in 2000-01.

WEEK #8 - 1/16/2006

Richard Jones answered the question:

During which four consecutive years did the Kahoks appear in the State Tournament?

Answer: 1944-45, 1945-46, 1946-47, 1947-48

WEEK #9 - 1/23/2005

Earl Morietta answered the question:

Collinsville won the Ameritime Classic last year. Which team did they beat in the championship game?

Answer: Hazelwood Central

WEEK #10 - 1/30/2005

Earl Morietta answered the question:

In which of the following home gymnasiums did the Kahoks have the best winning percentage?

Answer: The Kahoks have an .862 winning percentage in the 1941 Vandalia St. gym.

WEEK #11 - 2/6/2006

Collin Throm answered the question:

Tom Parker has the record for career scoring.  Which player is tied for 4th place with Rodger Bohnenstiehl (1743 points)?

Answer: Terry Tessay

WEEK #12 - 2/13/2006

Christian Roderick answered the question:

Name the Collinsville player who played for six consecutive seasons?

Answer: Tony Gaizat

WEEK #13 - 2/20/2006

Zack Roderick answered the question:

From the 1920-21 season to date, what season did Collinsville fail to win a tournament game?

Answer: 1970-71

WEEK #14 - 2/27/2006

Christian Roderick answered the question:

What was the first season Collinsville played in a Regional Tournament?

Answer: 1935-36

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